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Rack and Enclosure Accessories

netshelterRacks and enclosure accessories for IT equipment from network closets to data centers.

Rack Components

Rack Components - APC


Rack system components that can be added to existing racks if requirements change.

Rack system components include doors, roofs, side panels, baying kits, and casters.

Mounting Hardware

mounting hardware


Accessories to aid in the installation of rack mount IT equipment and to secure racks into position within an enclosure.

Mounting hardware includes light and heavy-duty shelves, bolt-down brackets, stabilization plates, grounding kits, keyboard drawers, mounting rails, brackets, and associated hardware.

Airflow Management

airflow management


Accessories to improve rack cooling efficiency by preventing air recirculation and reducing bypass airflow.

Airflow Management Blanking Panels promote proper airflow within a rack enclosure by occupying unused space. Schneider Electric offers several varieties for differing rack management requirements. Modular toolless blanking panels allow for quick and easy installation into any EIA-310 19 inch rack or enclosure with square mounting holes. Metallic blanking panels are for threaded rail applications. Brush strips provide a barrier to airflow, while allowing cables to be passed from the front to the rear of the rack.